Writer’s Circle I & II

Writers’ Circle I is for anyone who finds value in writing, writing practice and having their pieces heard.  We meet twice a month.

Any level writer — beginner to accomplished – will enjoy and benefit from this safe writing group where they receive encouragement, inspiration and a framework to support their writing. The group encourages readings of your pieces written in session and/or at home; giving positive and/or constructive feedback is encouraged; this environment helps to uncover your thoughts and writing creativity.

Each person who attends might have a different goal and any goal works for this group. At each meeting, members are encouraged to write and to read their work and the group comments on what they liked and how the piece affected them. All input will be positive, encouraging, constructive and provide motivation for the writer to persevere.

The Writer’s Circle is at full capacity. 

Writing Practice (Writer’s Circle II) was created as a place to practice writing. In this group we develop a clear voice and a writing muscle so strong that we can sit down without fear and write anything (for a business, a professional journal, for you children or grandchildren to read someday, or just for you).

We meet twice a month (first and third Thursdays). Wherever you are in your writing journey, come and join us in a supportive, critique-free environment, where you can explore, experiment, and enjoy your writing process.

We will include short free writes, guided writing activities, and changes to share, This is a flowing, dynamic group that adapts to suit the needs of the writers participating.

Check out the Newsletter for dates and times and for all current information.