Fine Dining

Fine Dining dinners are held at members’ homes. Groups of eight are formed and the groups stay together for 4 months so each pair participating has the opportunity to host one dinner. 

The Fine Dining Group chair provides a menu and recipes for the dinner. The host prepares the main course. Participants prepare the sides dishes, appetizers and desserts. Everyone brings any additional beverages of their choice. What an easy, fun way to have a dinner party!

Alternates – we also keep a list of alternate participants for times when one of the group members has to miss a dinner. Alternates participate and cook a dish for the dinner when they are invited but do not have to host a dinner. This is a great way to check out the group to see if you would like to join, a way for part-time residents to participate, and a way for people living in homes too small to host a group of 8 to get involved.

If you join this group, you must be willing to host a dinner. This is a great opportunity to get to know other members better and the groups are not static so you get a chance to meet everyone involved! Both singles and couples are invited to join. Singles will pair up for participating in the group, sharing the cooking and hosting.

Check the monthly Newsletter for current information or email to learn more about this activity.