Golf is in full swing for Summer so come join us and get ready to have some fun!

If you wish to become a member of Newcomers Golf please email me your name, phone number and email address at

If anyone is interested in playing straight golf, please let me know. We will plan to start golfing the first Thursday in June around 4:00 PM.

RULES: We always play best ball and you do not have to keep score. I know some golfers will like this.

I do not keep score and I have some silly rules that I follow.

Rule #1. If I need 2 or 3 mulligans I use them.
Rule #2. If I get behind a tree I move the ball off to one side.
Rule #3. If my ball gets in the rough in longer grass I pick up the ball and throw it onto the fairway.
Rule #4. If I get in a deep sand trap and after two tries I did not get out I pick up the ball and toss it out.
Rule #5. If I swing and miss the ball, that was just a practice swing.

In other words, just have fun!

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